Feb 12, 2009

List of Promoters Pledged Indian Stocks - 1st List

After it was revealed that Satyam promoter Mr. Raju had pledged most of his shares before admitting the fraud and made a cool 400 million US$, the SEBI (SEC equivalent of India) asked all the promoters of listed companies to declare the pledged shares. After much resistance the following declarations have been made till date. (Source: Bombay Stock exchange).

Surprisingly, most of the companies have not declared the name of the Lender with whom they have pledged the shares. God save if the lender is a mafia or a don or may be an Indian politician!

I hope none of the stocks in Your portfolio appears in this list!!!

I will keep updating the list as disclosure of pledges come each day. Keep tuned in.
(Click on image to enlarge it)

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