Jun 14, 2009

Stop Racism – Look Who is Talking

Recent attacks on Indians in Australia have caused quite a buzz in media. It is really disturbing that these things have happened. I have lived in Sydney for quite some time. I used to love my walk to work from Milson Point to Kent Street over Harbour bridge. The Sunday Luch at Lighthouse on Watson Bay was a usual affair. The surprise element is that these lunches were never with Indians but with Australians. When I moved into the neighborhood it was an Australian Kid next door who helped me unpack the stuff in my new home. I still refuse to believe the monstrous image of Australians which has been created by Indian media.

I somehow do not understand that why Indian media is making such a big issue of attacks by some crazy people. These attacks are not the reflection of Australian culture. It is the act of some sick people and trust me most Australians feel the same. Australian culture as I know is very friendly.

However Indian Media and politicians have made this issue of national pride. They say Australia is racist while forgetting that India remains one of the biggest rascist country of the world. Indians discriminate against their own countrymen.

India discriminates the most on the basis of skin colour. Indians look their own country men with contempt if they have dark colour. Skin fair creams for both men and women sell like hot cakes in India, everyone wants to be fair . More than 99% of their movie stars are fair in colour. And Indians call Australians rascist.

Indians discriminate each other on religion, castes and even sub-castes. Hardly you will find any inter-caste or inter religion marriages in India. Sindhi matrimony, Punjabi matrimony etc. are some of the online matrimonial portals. Inter- religion marriages are big taboo. In fact killing couples for inter- religion marriage in India is quite common. They call it ‘Honour Killing’. Ever heard of this in Australia, UK or US? And Indians call Australians rascist.

Indians discriminate based on language. There is constant fight over national language and some of the states have refused to accept Hindi as a national language. North Indians vs. South Indians is a constant war. People from North and South simply hate each other.

Indians discriminate their East Indians folks. They call them Chinese and ‘Chinky’. How rude. East Indian girls are often mistreated in public buses and even denied entries in Five Star hotels and discotheques.

Kashmiri Pandits were massacred and forced to evacuate Jammu and Kashmir throughout the 80s and 90s while the Indian government remained a mute spectator. Numerous instances happen in India where Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs kill each other.

Last year I was in Mumbai, a city in Maharashtra state of India, Some people were on the streets campaigning against people from other state. They wanted that all the Indians who had migrated to their state should leave immediately. They alleged that the immigrants took away native’s jobs, subsidies etc. A dozen of migrants were killed and Scores injured. And if Australians are doing the same why are Indians making such hue and cry.

Above, The Maharashtrians political people beat up North Indians in Maharashtra,forcing them to go back to their own cities.
Having looked at some of the images above, I can only praise Australians that at least they do not torture their own countrymen.

And do Indian students behave responsibly in Australia? Let us look at the profile of an average Indian student in Australia. While some of them are really brilliant and study hard, most of them are just there because they could not make it to Indian universities, but since their fathers are rich and can spend 4-5 million Indian rupees, they travel to Australia. In Australia they spend half of their time in Pubs and what not places. They drink at beaches and other public banned places, ogle and make passes at women. No wonder they offend most of the people abroad.

Any form of Racism is bad and there is no justification whatsoever for it. But as they say clean your own house first!